Friday, July 22, 2011


I was reading a review of a local exhibition, that includes work of one artist I particularly admire.  I had the opportunity to be taught by her in high school.  She inspired me then, she showed us these amazing drawings from her thesis in college.  I loved the story of the progression of her series.  Ever since I've been longing to create my own series, something that would grow organically on it's own.  Of course I haven't yet achieved that, I start simple but it doesn't seem to grow.  My jewelry series seemed to peak before it was over.  I keep producing portraits but not many are really that connected to the other.  Mostly I'm still exploring form and light, trying to perfect my technique, striving for the perfect realism and likeness.  I just seem to be falling short on concept, especially when it comes to a series. I think I need to look more for inspiration.  I should finish reading The Power of Art. I've been trying to keep up more with current art, I've been reading a few more of my blog subscriptions and trying to keep up on some art world news. 
I need to do some more reading, and some more research.  I also need to sort through my ideas and refine some.  I have many ideas written down, I should do some sketching soon.  I should also get back to work on my painting, some supply malfunctions have slowed me down.