Sunday, November 30, 2008

New drawing

I gave up on a few of the ideas I had before. Mostly the reference photos I wanted to get just didn't pan out. I'm working on a new drawing now. I found a photo from a few months ago that I have just been in love with. The photo does not have ideal lighting, but I think it will a challenge to see if I can exaggerate the shadows to make the faces in the portrait not look so washed out. Right now I'm working on an eye and have once again lost my kneaded eraser. I'm happy with everything about the eye but the pupil. This drawing is in pencil but is also the same size as the last drawing. It's not one of my larger pieces but I want to focus on detail, and I think I'll be doing more with the background this time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Projects

I have a few ideas for some new projects. Two main ones I'm wanting to work on are, the portraits of my twin sisters in law, and the Toys For Tots fundraiser art. I just have a sever lack of reference photos. For the girls aside from their school photos I just don't have any descent photos of them, and even then I'd like something of them together. But getting two 5 year olds together in front of a camera, is hard enough and then to get them to look natural... I suppose I could try to take some photos of them on Thanksgiving or this weekend. I want to do those Artist Trading Cards for my charity auction, again I can't find reference photos. I'd like to use some older toys, with no definite copyright attached to it, or maybe just some Christmas decorations. The Christmas decorations would be more doable in the near future. I could even work from life with that. But again it's not going to be a solution I can work with today. I want to draw something today though. I think I might attempt a small portrait Artist Trading Card and see how that goes. I need to spray my drawing from yesterday as well, I'll need to coat in fixative if I plan on showing it to family on Thanksgiving. For any acutual Artist Trading Cards though I'd need some of the card stock. I'll probably do some of those Christmas decoration pieces in a few weeks when everyone starts dragging out Christmas stuff. So I think my next project will be the girls.
Also I just thought maybe I should do some photography on Thanksgiving. I'll be working on getting reference photos of the girls, so I'll have the camera out. I'll try to get some good photography too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finished portrait

I've finished the portrait I was working on. I've taken the tape off, signed it and cleaned up the final photo. The light shoulder still bothers me a bit, but it blends more with the hair so I can live with it. I still have some problems with the hair, but now I'm afraid to over work it. I think it's time to take the lessons learned from this and move on.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Drawing, Hair

I've been working on the hair today. I'm a little worried about how it's looking. Usually taking a photo helps me put it in perspective. It's a way or separating myself from the drawing and getting a new view. I'm feeling a bit better about the hair now, though I still think it needs some more work. Also now looking at this photo I think that I might want to just leave the background blank. The white background doesn't look to bad, though I'm not sure still.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I've made some more progress on my drawing. I even taped off a border. I hope to finished soon. I'm really happy with how it looks now and I'm looking forward to getting more work done soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Drawing updates

There's not a whole log of extra that's been done, just some outlining of the hair and next, and fixing a few of the problem areas. I'm going to work on this today, and if I get some significant work done I'll post more updates. Because of posting this I'm thinking I should look at the left line of the neck. It looks like the neck is going to be a little too thick, so I have to look into that.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I've gotten some more work done on my drawing. I need to do some more work on the lips and the shadow of the face but I think other than that it's looking pretty good. I'm even working pretty fast. It's small but I'm excited about it, and I look forward to working on it. It's nothing super conceptual but it has been a challenge. I'm really trying to stay true to the person and have a bit of the personality show through at the end. So hopefully it all works out.