Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting back to work

     I got an encouraging rejection today.  I really love those, the only thing better is an acceptance.  The encouraging rejections are great though, well at least this one was.  It really motivated me to get back to work.  I plan to get back to work on my ATC today, hopefully finish it, cut some paper for my new drawing and maybe take a reference photo. 
     I was inspired once again by watching music videos, this time the inspiration mostly combined with a memory.  As usual I don't like to get too much into on here before I actually get to work on it.  I just don't like explaining my concepts ahead of time to such a wide audience.  I'll make some notes when I finish writing here maybe I'll sketch a bit.  But I think I will get to work on the ATC.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sketching and some thoughts

     I've been interested in artist trading cards for awhile now and I've been thinking of doing a series of them.  I started a sketch today, and right now it's turning out semi-successful.  At first it seemed destined to fail when I was just working with pencil it didn't look right.  I moved on to charcoal and it doesn't look that bad.  I tried adding a second figure but I'm having trouble getting the two in proportion to each other.

     The second one is after I started using charcoal, you can also see the partially erased second figure.  Still not sure I think it could be an interesting piece with just one figure, though I'd like to stay true to my reference and have both.  I'm also curious if I could some how turn this into a mixed media piece.  I'm not sure where or how I'd add on to this though.

     I haven't thought about my larger piece yet.  I still need to review some notes and do some sketches.  I have a lot of creative projects going on right now.  I need to kick start this larger piece though.  If I can get a concept figured out I'll be ready to go.
     I did some virtual house keeping though.  I cleaned out my other blog, I plan to start writing a bit more on here.  The other blog is mostly gone right now because I started writing in my journal more.  My ramblings about day to day things are much better suited there.  My strong willed opinions that sometimes turn into rants might find a home here.  I do want to start expressing more of my views in my artwork, at least more than I do already.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Updates of various kinds

     I've been neglecting blogging all around.  I just haven't felt motivated to write and I've been questioning the purpose of some of my blogs.  I may continue to neglect my other blog but I feel I may expand what I write about on here. 
     Right now I'd like to give a pseudo update on my painting or lack there of.  I hit a creative and practical block with it.  On the practical side I had to toss one of my favorite paintbrushes because the bristles decided they wanted to live inside the ferrule from now on.  I really liked the gel hand grip on that too, and it would seem they just don't sell them anymore.  I got very attached to that type of brush and I'm having a hard time settling on a new one.  Also the more I look at the painting the less excited I am about it, I have some serious compositional issues that I thought were resolved in my head.  Really they are not I'd like to be more abstract with my work because that does seem to be very "in" right now but it bugs me.  I know it will look unfinished to me.
     I did a good bit of thinking though on my art in general because of the painting.  I've decided I don't need to finish it, and maybe I don't need to paint at all.  I have it in my head that I must paint (in oils), but I don't.  I really enjoy colored pencil, charcoal will always be favorite for me, but for right now I think I should focus on colored pencil work.  I do have a bunch of canvases, though I was thinking maybe I could try working in colored pencil on them.  I used colored pencil on canvas paper before and that worked out well.  I may return to painting again, though I think my style might be better suited for acrylic. Still I think if I focus on colored pencil work I can explore some of the conceptual ideas that I had.
     I should be posting more work up here soon, I might pick up some ATC blank card papers soon.  It ties into my drawing a day idea.  I still need to do some sketches for that.  I'm going to think on the concept for some larger pieces and maybe start sketching out some of the ideas from my notes.