Monday, June 13, 2011

Submissions and painting

     I painted a little today, I was experiencing from frustration with my lighting today and also it seems the colors are getting a bit muddy since the layers aren't drying very fast.  I thought the heat would help speed the drying time, but no such luck.  I have been working everyday, so I'm very happy about that.  I'm still debating some parts of the composition, but I'll figure that out later.
     Right now I'm focusing on another round of submissions, I just put in two submissions.  Two different works, to two different magazines.  I still have a whole list to work through on submitting to, and I'm working through another list to find magazines to submit to.  It's definitely an interesting process.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More updates all around

I spent a bit of time working on my painting today.  I feel like I would have spent more time on it but I was a bit burnt out after fighting with different programs trying to update my website.  Anyway I feel like I made some good progress moving the nose and the second eye is pretty good, the iris needs to be a little smaller overall and the eye itself needs to be a little wider.  The mouth is the only major facial feature that needs to moved, though after the nose I don't think it will be that bad.  I think due to coloring the second eye looks completely disconnected from the first but I feel when I start adding finishing touches to both they'll come together.

The website editing was due to my need to add my last drawing "Mr. and Mrs."

Thursday, June 9, 2011


     Unfortunately I haven't been busy with my art, though I have been thinking about it plenty.  I've resolved some of the issues I was having with my painting, mentally.  I now have a plan for the color scheme and composition, I also have my next drawing planned out.  I have decided that I need to start working everyday, even if it's not very long, just every day.  I haven't started that though, because I've been very busy with my family, trying to help out with things, and then I've been too tired to work.  I need to get over that and just start by working on my painting today.  Then I'll have to work the next day as well, then if I can keep making time over the weekend, I'll have to keep it up. 
     I still don't have my last drawing up, mostly because I still haven't spoken to the models about getting permission.  Though it hasn't been for lack of trying they've just been a little hard to touch base with, though of course I understand they've been busy as well.  Hopefully I'll have an answer one way or the other for that before I finish my painting.