Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've gotten some more work done on "Angelic." I'm cramping up again and I'm hungry, so I stopped for the night. I laid in a bit more of the hair and got a little more of the hair done. I spent some time starting to agonize over the hand. I might have to do some sketches soon. If I work tomorrow, maybe I'll feel that I have enough done to post up new photos. What I do have done is faint and subtle, so I'm afraid it looks mostly like it did before. I'd like to at least have the arm figured out before I post a new photo. I also have some sketch lines and smudges to clean up.

Something new

I've heard about this blog site before, but I'm just now checking it out. I may make this my new official artist blog. I may keep my other artist blog on Xanga. Anyway, to introduce myself. I'm an artist of many mediums. I most work in graphite, charcoal and photography. I mostly work in portraits and figures, but not exclusively. I'm open to commissions, I have some original art work available for sale, prints are available upon request, and I do some photo editing. I have designed and maintained my own website for some time now. I just finished with a major update. I did a slight redesign with the site, added more galleries and changed the navigation. I'm currently working on a large scale figure drawing I call "Angelic.' I have some in progress photos on my other artist blog.
Xanga artist blog