Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Angelic Updates

I've finally found time to get some more work done on "Angelic." I've even gotten some more work done since taking this photo. I was looking at the photo and realized that I needed to darken the chest and arm so it will match the face. I don't have anymore work done on the hair yet. I've erased the hand a few more times it is giving me a bit of a hassle. I'm just trying to find it's perfect position. Basically I'm now using the arm as guide because I'm happy with the placement of the other part of the arm and the chest. I'll let the arm lead into the hand and determine placement from there.
Also since "Angelic" is rather large and taking much longer than originally anticipated to finish, I plan to work on a few smaller drawing after this one. I do have a few portraits I want to do but I think I'll keep the scale down so I can get a more work into my galleries on my site.

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