Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Projects

I have a few ideas for some new projects. Two main ones I'm wanting to work on are, the portraits of my twin sisters in law, and the Toys For Tots fundraiser art. I just have a sever lack of reference photos. For the girls aside from their school photos I just don't have any descent photos of them, and even then I'd like something of them together. But getting two 5 year olds together in front of a camera, is hard enough and then to get them to look natural... I suppose I could try to take some photos of them on Thanksgiving or this weekend. I want to do those Artist Trading Cards for my charity auction, again I can't find reference photos. I'd like to use some older toys, with no definite copyright attached to it, or maybe just some Christmas decorations. The Christmas decorations would be more doable in the near future. I could even work from life with that. But again it's not going to be a solution I can work with today. I want to draw something today though. I think I might attempt a small portrait Artist Trading Card and see how that goes. I need to spray my drawing from yesterday as well, I'll need to coat in fixative if I plan on showing it to family on Thanksgiving. For any acutual Artist Trading Cards though I'd need some of the card stock. I'll probably do some of those Christmas decoration pieces in a few weeks when everyone starts dragging out Christmas stuff. So I think my next project will be the girls.
Also I just thought maybe I should do some photography on Thanksgiving. I'll be working on getting reference photos of the girls, so I'll have the camera out. I'll try to get some good photography too.

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