Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thinking about new work

I had to take a little break after my last drawing due to vacation. But now that I'm back I have to start thinking about my next piece. I really like the one reference photo that I took of the fish charm that I used in my last drawing. Though I'm not so sure about straying from my series that I'm working on. I did take a few reference photo for the series, so I should probably just work with that that. I still have a bunch of great photos of my daughter that I want to work with. I'm hoping to maybe pick up a bit of a faster pace in working and be able to get more done and get more ideas out. I was hoping to start my commission after I got back from vacation but I still have no reference photo.
I've also been looking at Etsy again. I really like that site. I'm just not sure if my work would sell any better on there than it does now (using this blog and website). I had an account once before but I had no sales. I'd definitely try Etsy again if do follow my idea of trying out a few crafts. I'm also thinking of maybe playing with my logo a bit, but I'm not sure if any of my ideas will work out for me. I will post the new logo ideas, as soon as I finish them up, whether I choose to use them or not.

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