Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photography, website and drawing

I took some photos today, and I spent a good chunk of time editing them and I've just finished updating my site with them. I'm pretty happy with them. Though now they got me to thinking maybe I should re-organize my site. Some of my photos go to part of a series. I'm thinking maybe I should just group them together. Though some of my "series" are only two photos. So I'm really not sure. Though I think that part of the title really needs to be there, so it's not like I can change the title. No matter what I'll keep the titles as is. But I think I will be considering the series organization. It might really help out with the "Portraits/Figures" gallery in the Photography section. I have the one backyard series that I did a few years ago that I just can't bring myself to take down. That would definitely be one group of photos that would benefit. Still I'm unsure.

As for my drawing, I'm going to be working on that later tonight. I probably won't have any photos for updates until tomorrow though. I've been sick again, so it's been hard to me to get everything done lately. My burst of energy/inspiration this morning was used toward the photography. Which I don't think was wasted, it has been awhile since I worked on my photography.

"Decorating the Tree: Old Fashioned Christmas"
This one I put a lot of work into. At first I was unhappy with the grainy quality, but then I layered on a few photo filters, and played with the levels a bit. I think the grainy quality works with the sepia tone.

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