Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The nose is too small, and I'm too hungry to fix it

I've been sitting here trying to figure out why the nose looks off, I measure and re-measured.  Then as I got to give up and gets some food it hits me... I've been measuring wrong.  I just need to erase most of what I have done and just make the nose a bit bigger.  I'm also having a few issues with the left eye.  I originally had it too far over, and now there is a line permanently in the paper from before.  I'm trying to shade around it to make it less apparent.  In the finished piece I think I might be the only that notices it.  Tomorrow I'll fix the nose and the shading around the left eye.  Hopefully I won't have to dwell on those too long and I'll be able to get the mouth in.   

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Joe's blog said...

Oh yes...I know the problem...Elvis' was ready when I recognized that the ear was too I had to do it again...ears and noses are the most difficult thing, I think...

But it looks great, I don't know the person you're sketching but that far it's great. I like the eyes.