Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year, new goals

     Last year I had the goal of completing eleven new pieces during the year.  I have six to show for my effort.  To be fair though I did complete seven though that piece will not be posted on my site for various reasons.  I was on my way to eight when I hit the wall.  I took a break and now I'm hoping for that piece I took a break from to be my first completed piece of 2011.  I think partially my monthly deadline worked for me last year, though trying to force myself to think through a series didn't seem all that productive.  I have many ideas that I want to work on, and I want to just sketch more.  This year I'm hoping to set deadlines still but more tailored to the piece I'm working on.  I'm not going to focus so much on a series, I want to keep exploring different ideas and media.  I got some canvases for Christmas and I still have some set aside in the closet, so I do want to do some more painting soon.  I've also had the idea to print some reference photos just to tuck away in my sketch book so I can sketch while I'm out.  I also want to sketch and maybe work from life a bit more, but I think having the photos available will help me to sketch more.
     I'm hoping to start work on my drawing tomorrow, again since it is a gift and I don't have proper permissions I won't be posting photos, but I may post something in writing about my progress.  I hope to start sketching soon.  I need to get some printer ink before I can print my reference photos for my sketch book, but maybe I can sketch a little in front of the computer or from life.  I may invest in a new smaller sketch book soon as well.  Once I get some good progress in on my current drawing I'll start looking toward the next piece.  I'll look through my idea note book, and my existing photos for inspiration and go from there.  I don't have a solid idea for my next piece and I'm okay with that.

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