Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some updates

I'd love to make a promise for more sketches soon, but I've recently realized that my deadline is looming and I'm feeling behind.  I always like to finish ahead of schedule rather than just on time or even behind.  I can't post photos right now, but the drawing is working out rather well.  I have started work on the second face, and I'm a bit worried about some things with it. I have to remember that it's still in the early stages and I can still make some changes.  I need to finish the hair and sunglasses from the first figure, and of course add the body in, but the face is done.  I'm really hoping to finish on time, that way I can start on my new drawing (though I am having second thoughts on what to do next).  Either way I should have something new started and posted soon.  Depending on the subject I choose I may have a bit of a delay while I obtain permission to post the work in progress images, if at all.

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