Friday, February 18, 2011

Brief Update

I'm so tired, I've done a lot today, though I didn't get everything done I would have liked to.  I did work a little on my drawing, and I have plans to contact the models about posting their likeness online.  So hopefully soon I'll be posting some updates with their permission.  I think I need the motivation of posting to get me back into working.  Of course I also have the motivation of some new work I want to get into.  I even plan on working on some sketches for one new piece.  There are still some details I want to work out, like media, dimensions and a few other things and I think sketching will really help.  I kind of lost the light when working on my drawing, I've really been needing to work in natural light with it.  I didn't get started until late today.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to start earlier and get a bit more done.  The sketching I might try tackle soon though. 

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