Thursday, February 24, 2011

Progress and idea

     I've made some good progress today on my drawing.  Really wanting to post it here, may in fact blow the surprise early ask my models if I may post the work in progress photos here.  Don't know about that though.  I got a lot done on the second figure and based on the coloring I want to rework parts of the first figure's face.  I'll probably go back and adjust some of the colors as I go.  I'm having some trouble with the second figure's eye.  I think it's mostly a coloring/shadow issue, and that can easily be fixed.  I think the eyebrow is a little too high but it will be fine where it is.  I just need to keep working on this, "keep moving forward."
     Also I'm thinking about getting a new sketch book soon, I'll keep my old one for paper.  I can still do some nice polished smaller works on that paper.  I'd like to start a sketch book project of my own and I'd like to have a blank sketchbook to do that in.

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