Friday, August 19, 2011

Sketching and some thoughts

     I've been interested in artist trading cards for awhile now and I've been thinking of doing a series of them.  I started a sketch today, and right now it's turning out semi-successful.  At first it seemed destined to fail when I was just working with pencil it didn't look right.  I moved on to charcoal and it doesn't look that bad.  I tried adding a second figure but I'm having trouble getting the two in proportion to each other.

     The second one is after I started using charcoal, you can also see the partially erased second figure.  Still not sure I think it could be an interesting piece with just one figure, though I'd like to stay true to my reference and have both.  I'm also curious if I could some how turn this into a mixed media piece.  I'm not sure where or how I'd add on to this though.

     I haven't thought about my larger piece yet.  I still need to review some notes and do some sketches.  I have a lot of creative projects going on right now.  I need to kick start this larger piece though.  If I can get a concept figured out I'll be ready to go.
     I did some virtual house keeping though.  I cleaned out my other blog, I plan to start writing a bit more on here.  The other blog is mostly gone right now because I started writing in my journal more.  My ramblings about day to day things are much better suited there.  My strong willed opinions that sometimes turn into rants might find a home here.  I do want to start expressing more of my views in my artwork, at least more than I do already.

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