Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pain in my ribs and hand

I was working on my drawing, I'm finally done with the hand. Finally, it's still not my finest work but I'm very critical of the hands I draw. Anyway I'm proud of myself for not finding a way to creatively crop out the hand from the composition just to make my life easier. It may not be perfect and I may not be 100% happy with it but it's done. Anyway my ribs hurt because I have to lay down to work on it, and even with a pillow my ribs are hurting. I mean the last time I had pain in my ribs due to a drawing was my freshman year of high school. We had a "bug's eye view" assignment, and I drew the view from under my bed. I actually laid under my bed and drew from life for that one. The school nurse seemed to think I was crazy. It was worse then though because I was having trouble just sitting up in class. Though the pillow helped alleviate the pain, then. It's just not helping now. My hand hurts because I have to press so hard. I was working on the background again and that's just extra hard pressure constantly with a 6B, and because I erased so much in the area with the hand it kind of made my 2B act like an HB. So again I was having to press super hard but with more control. Anyway I'm in all kinds of pain, but I'm taking a break for the night. I'm going to work tomorrow, hopefully, if not definitely Thursday. I just have to finish the last of the one arm, the stomach, and leg. So I might be a little off on my estimate of getting done by the end of this week, but definitely should be done and posting photos by this time next week. I started the arm and stomach, I was just completely underestimating the time taken to finish those. There's a good bit of detail in just that little bit of the arm. Anyway I'm done rambling about this drawing. I'm happy with finally making some progress after all this time. Woo! I'll be done with plenty of time to submit this for the competition.

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