Friday, October 3, 2008

Website and art work

I updated my site again, finally. With everything going on that kind of went on the back burner and so did my art. Right now I'm being held back from working on my drawing a bit more, at least in the areas that count because I'm missing my erasers. Right now I'm typing this out as a break from the background. My hand is cramping. Anyway I should be finishing this soon, I just need to get erasers, so I suppose maybe by Wednesday I'll be done. Tonight for the most part I'd like to fill in the background. I can't finish it all until I fill in the rest of the hand, leg and back. I can't finish the hand because I need to fix parts of the finger with the eraser. I finally started on the stomach but I feel a bit awkward working on that when the hand isn't done. Though I really do like the finger that I finished tonight. I just completely screwed up the pinky again. Once I finish this drawing, I'll submit to that competition and then I'll get to work on another drawing. Maybe I'll work on a self portrait from life (mirror) with colored pencil. I haven't tried colored pencil in awhile I think it will be fun. Then maybe I'll work on another drawing from a reference photo, for that I'll use charcoal though. I'm always faster with charcoal. I'd like to get some paint soon, so I can work on getting some paintings done. I'd really like to try the water soluble oil colors. I don't like all the toxic materials that come with traditional oils.
Also I've decided to keep the colors of my site simple. I think the black and white just allows for the work to speak for it self. So no major changes planned with that anymore. I just need some new business cards.

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