Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Progress

This really is not the amount of progress that I was hoping to get done but I am happy with what I got done. I still need to make some adjustment to that line on the left side cheek because I've had to move it and it's looking a bit awkward. I may have to look at the line on the right as well. I noticed that the knuckle was too high, which was throwing off the line of the cheek which was throwing off the ear. The ear is entirely too high. I just need to move it down a little. I have to wait for everything to dry so I can go back over it or I would have done more tonight. Hopefully everything will be dry tomorrow and I can fix that cheek, the ear and the hand. If I can fix all that and get more done on the hand I'll feel good about everything and if I can start the shirt and arms before the week ends even better. We'll see what happens.

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