Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm really happy with the progress I made tonight. I might have worked a little longer but I set the easel too high and didn't notice until my neck started to hurt. I still have some things to fix, but I made some changes to the right eye that I'm happy with. It still needs a few tweaks but I think I need a smaller brush. I may be a little hard on my brushes because my smaller one is fraying a bit and I was having trouble because of it. I think that left crease next to the cheek is a bit too strong but when I was lightening it I thought it was getting too light and had to make it darker. I may just leave it as is until I get the hand in and the finish the lips. The lips are giving me a huge problem because I can't get the color right. I also need to fix the left eye and then decide how much I really need to change about the nose. Right now it looks a little big but I think the left eye needs to be a little larger. The nose might look right then, and then I'll just need to fix a little shading around the left nostril. I'll work more tomorrow and see how that goes, unless of course the wet paper towel I put in there waters down my paint to much. I'm hoping the moisture from it is enough to keep my paints from drying out but not so much that it adds a bunch of water and makes the paint runny. Though either way I didn't put that much paint on the palette this time anyway.

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