Monday, November 23, 2009

Drawing udpates

This really is not a great photo. There is too much glare and the light is uneven but since my last attempt at taking a photo failed miserably I think this is pretty ok. I'm a bit happier with the hair and I'm liking the progress ont he second face. The perspective is still driving me crazy though. I think I should focus on finishing the hair though that will just save me some sanity for a little while. Then I can move on to the second face and then I can worry about the board. I know the second face is in the right spot so I can trust lining everything up with that. I worked hard to place that face in the right spot with the sketch. I think though it still may be a little confusing without the reference photo to compare, it is coming together a bit.

I still feel that if I really push myself I can get this done before the end of december. I just need to push myself to work more and focus.

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