Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drawing update and a little retrospective thought

I've got a little work done tonight. I'm happy with the progress I've made for the most part though I do think the lower part of the lip and chin look a little odd. I'm hoping that starts to clear up when I add in more hair, for some of what I have on there right now I was just trying to get the skin under the hair and most should be covered. Hopefully it will all turn out right. I also took a detail photo of the nose area and the cheek. I'm a little unsure of the teeth, though I haven't worked on the shading much so that might explain a few of my misgivings. I'm liking the hair though and for the most part the cheek.
My birthday is tomorrow and I just thought to look back at my artwork that I've done over the past year. I've finished 9 pieces between my last birthday and this one, and I'm working on a 10th. I've been consistently working most of the year and this is by far the most I have worked without an assignment and quite possibly the most I have worked even when taking a class. I also think I am producing quality work consistently, it's not like that last drawing class that I took where I walked away with 2 pieces I was really proud of. I hope to work even more frequently through the coming months and maybe get a few more pieces done before January. So far I've done 8 pieces between January and now I'd like to get that up to 10 or more. If I finish this one and my painting before January I'll be able to meet that goal before. My goal though is to be done with this before the end of December. I think ideally it's more time than I really need, but we'll see how that goes, if I get done before that deadline I can try to finish my painting. It really doesn't need that much more work before it's complete.


Tiffany said...

I see the creative bug didn't just bite me! I must be in the air!

I agree with you about the drawing classes...I've consistently been able to produce quality work in the past year. That wasn't the case when I first shipped out for art school. As a matter of fact I've thrown most of that stuff out or I'm in the process of painting over it.

Just wanted to drop by and tell you that your art is BEAUTIFUL! I love seeing your WIPs. And happy birthday!

Janet said...

Looking great!

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