Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Updates

It's not a huge update, but I did keep my word to work tonight. I think I would have worked more if it wasn't for my shoulder, it's starting to hurt. My wrist and elbow are following the trend of today and starting to hurt. My elbow pain actually woke me up today. I think that was a sure sign that it is definitely not just my knees and I really need to go to a new doctor and have this looked into. Aside from my joint paint, I'm still pretty happy with this and despite my misgivings about the hair closest to the to I think it's looking rather well. The shadows at the bottom are looking rather awkward though. I think those will look a bit better after I work them out more and fill in more of that board. I also need to work out that right side boundary. I need to figure that out soon. I think my main decision will be whether to include that corner or not. As of right now I'm planning on buying standard sized frames and getting custom mats so I really don't need to worry about fitting the drawing into a certain proportion. Hopefully that strategy won't backfire, and everything will look fine when I frame it. Also I'm really hoping to make this one of my five that I put in one of those three shows in the spring.

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Caio Fernandes said...

hi Jessica . this is so good to have met your blog and work .
see you !!