Monday, January 11, 2010

"Dancing in the Dark" Update

I took a little break the last few days because I wasn't feeling well. I'm still not feeling 100%. Tonight I made little progress, and I did some measurements and I'm sure my proportions are right now. Also I've decided I will crop the paper, I have been cropping my paper a lot lately but I'm really liking it. I've just been working with the size that feels right. The finish drawing will be 16" x 20" and the frame will be 20" x 24"
It's still not to far from what I was originally aiming for. I would still be pushing for the 18" x 24" if my reference photo, extended past the waist. Still though if my measurements on the torso are wrong or I can fill in that area some how then I will. I think that is the only way the extra negative space will look right or else I'd just crop the extra few inches off the bottom. Either way the paper is already 18" x 25" I allowed myself an extra inch because of the clips on the drawing board. Despite my measurements I'm still worried about the length of the torso, though it may be how I drew the bottom of it. I'm still not sure, the cropping may make the whole composition a little more intimate which would really enhance the whole concept.

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