Friday, January 22, 2010

Found a use for my little sketch book

I think I may have mentioned before getting a nice little sketch book for taking a survey, well I tried sketching in it but I really have left it without purpose for awhile. Right now there is a rather well rendered eye on the first page, and notes on the following few pages. I'm going to use the book as a note journal for my art. I already have notes scribbled all over one page of a notebook, and word document with notes. This way I'll have all my ideas in one place and I can even sketch out some things too.
I have noticed though that very few of my ideas seem to be following a cohesive thought or series. Part of me is ok with that, because I'm just exploring ideas and inspiration as it come to me, though right now I have two series ideas, an idea of a drawing involving a mask, an idea that will have to wait till spring so I can take the reference photo, a bunch of pose ideas and some interest in exploring the addition of Cherokee text again.
Of course I also still have plenty of photos of my daughter that I'd love to work with as well.
I'm going to start working on a new drawing tonight, and I need to start working more and more often so I can keep up with my new flow of ideas.

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