Saturday, October 16, 2010


     I just finished up a little progress on my drawing.  I started adding color to the first face.  I was going to finish the whole composition in dark umber, but then I went to start drawing in the second face and it wasn't working out.  I need to more finely settle where the first face will be so I can draw in the second face with the first as a basis.  The color is going rather quickly, so it shouldn't be too long before I can start back in on the second face.
     I still haven't done any sketching, though I keep saying I am.  Today I was thinking about sketching some images from my dreams. One would actually be a painting I dreamed I had done, another is some imagery involving my hands that I found rather disturbing.  The painting I've been wanting to find a way to do since the dream, especially since in the dream I said it was the best one I had ever done.  The other dream just keeps sticking with me, and hoping maybe by sketching it, I can turn it into something positive.

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