Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A sketch and an update

    I finally got around to sketching tonight.  It took me awhile to finally decide on a reference photo to start with, the photo I used was from a virtual figure drawing class.  I think the most successful part of this was actually the mouth.  I tried to be more loose with the whole thing.  I like it, it was interesting, and I think I might try another sketch tomorrow.
     I made some more progress with my drawing.  I have the whole first face filled in. Aside from fixing a few issues with the skin tone, I'm feeling good about it.  I even started in on the second face.  I made the decision to keep the eye where I had it.  I really liked how it was looking so I'll work around the slight placement issue.  So far I'm not sure how on track I am with my deadline but I know I need to start working more for sure.

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