Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dress Dilemma

I'm a bit worried about how the dress is looking, I'm worried that the pattern is not connecting as one piece of fabric and I'm worried that I'm getting dark too quickly. I'm taking a step back and I'll work on it more later after I calm down a bit about it.


José said...

Hi Jessica,

Well, I'd be happy if I were abble to paint portraits this well.
Even if I don't know the girl, I could almost bet that you're making her older than she really is...
Just a feeling based on some experience....:-)

Kind regards,


Jessica McKelvin said...
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Jessica McKelvin said...

- José

Thank you for the compliment and feedback. Though I'm wondering how old you think that I'm making her look? I honestly thought I was close to the reference photo. Of course a little outside perspective will sometimes help us see a little clearer. Also what is it that is making her look older?
Thank you again for your feedback : )