Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Drawing Update

I spent less than an hour working on this, so of course it's not epic progress, but it's something. I still think the lips are a bit off, and I think rather than tweaking they just need to be fully erased. Though I love how I drew them and if I had real life Photoshop cut and paste abilities I'd just do that and move them up a little and rotate them a little. I'm having some difficulty with the hair, which is about usual for me, because I find hair so difficult. I'm trying to lay the values in subtly on the face without getting too dark to quick. Though I'm having trouble getting dark enough in the hair. Once I perfect the face and work some more on the hair I'll move on to the body. Then maybe I'll just loosely sketch in the rest of the composition. I'm really fascinated with some of the shapes and objects in the background but I'm not sure exactly how much of the background I'll include. I don't want it to look to busy. I might dark the background a bit overall just to make it recede. Though a flash wasn't used to take the photo, I was lit from the front by a huge window so the darks aren't too strong to begin with. I think the soft lighting works, despite my preference for dramatic lighting.

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