Saturday, February 7, 2009

website work
I'm trying to fix up my website a bit. I know there is a definite need for improvement. I started a thread on Wet Canvas asking for advice for how to make it better. The first reply I got pretty much picked apart my navigation, but honestly I've known that I needed more work on my navigation. I've also spent the past hour looking up website tips for artist portfolios, and I feel confident that I'm doing the right thing with the multiple gallery pages. Though I'm not sure if my color scheme is good. I'm starting to wonder what it would look like reversed, white and black. I'm going to create a test page, and place with some elements with that. That way I can not only see how it looks for myself but get some second opinions before I apply it to the whole site. If I change my color scheme I may change my blog to match as well.

As of right now I'm thinking about taking out all of the image links in the navigation, and making it all text links. Though the one person didn't like my image category headers, I do. So as of right now I'll keep those. Though I suppose I'd have to find a way of classifying the, About, Contact and Artist Blog Pages. Because I'm not sure if they would look right without the header image. They didn't like the news updates on the front page. I think if I got rid of the news I'd keep the "Upcoming Events."

Also I'm still really unsure about adding prices to my work. I'm thinking of making up a price list for my work, that way I'd have it readily available to email to any potential clients. I know myself that I need a better way to list my services (commissions and photo editing), as well as making it known that my work is for sale, and I have prints available.

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