Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've gotten a small amount of work done. I mostly tried to fix some issues that I still have with the mouth and face in general. I'm getting a bit caught up right now in the hair and the background. I keep agonizing over some details that I should probably just leave lone. The hair on the left side of the face needs improvement because of the corrections I did on that side of the face. The background (flat value) is looking not so consistent. I've gotten some more sketching in, especially on the hair. I also did a little more work in the neck. I'm pretty happy overall with what I have done, despite the issues that I have with some of it. I do admit that I need to buckle down and get more work done in one sitting though. I've been distracted with other things. I'm still not too worried about my deadline and I feel like I'm right on track.

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Khaled KEM said...

Hi Jessica,

I would like to send me the portrait of (Fallen hero) + 1 or 2 lines describing your work to my email address so I can post it for artist of the month for March 2009.