Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer: some progress and changes

I've changed a little bit from my original plan. I took it down to one plain strap. I may lighten it but I think it will work when the whole dress is dark. Also I'm leaving out the pattern, I think it would just make everything too busy. I will try to add in some of the texture of the dress, but there are a lot of interesting folds that I think would be lost in the pattern. I think the second face is looking great. I think that line on the mouth might be a bit to dark but other than that I'm really happy with all the delicate detail. This photo doesn't show much of that, but my lighting is horrible and uneven. Also my hands were shaking a bit when I took the photo. Though the way this photo is cropped is close to the final composition. I struggled a bit with the second face, but aside from darkening some shading I think it doesn't need much work. I think I finally got the proportions and placement about right. I just need to fill in both bodies and the rest of the background.

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