Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer: some progress

I did some work on my drawing. I spent quite a bit of time just trying to sketch out where the arms and hands should be. I also laid in some light lines for about where I want the other two borders. I've also decided to eliminate the two poles that would be in the background. They cover up part of the neat texture area of the wall, and are just a bit too light to be in the background. Because of the sculpture you really only see a little bit of them. The bothered me so now I just won't include them. I hadn't even sketched them in yet, I just stopped the top part of the wall where they would start so I just continued it. It was my easiest fix of the night. I don't have a photo of the progress, but the lighting is terrible and there's not too much to show. I darkened some of the shading in the second face, sketched in the ear and started some of the hair. I may actually finish this drawing ahead of schedule if I keep up on it. That would be great.

I may do a painting after this, but I'll have to see if AC Moore sells hardboard. If not I can always start on that next drawing. I do have a canvas panel and I could just do a quick self-portrait, before I start the drawing. I'm going to work in charcoal but it will be a larger size. It shouldn't take me too terribly long to complete it though. I tend to work faster in charcoal.

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