Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer: updates

It's not a lot of progress, again, but I like it. I'm feeling pretty good about the hair, though I'm a little uneasy about the shoulder. I think it's mostly the angle of the strap. In the end it probably won't matter. The shoulder could probably come in a little more, on the angle. The strap may look even more odd but the shoulder would look right. I'm not sure. I might come back to that later. There's a spot on the shadow of the chest I need to lighten, and I need to even out the shadow more, other than that I'm happy with the chest. I can work more into the arms tomorrow and the background on the left, I can also sketch in more of the second figure. The background on the right will probably be the last thing I do. I at least want to finish both figures before I start working on that intricate part of the sculpture.

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