Monday, June 15, 2009

Dream Inspiration

I had an odd dream, I can remember a lot it. There were vampires involved, mostly TrueBlood/Sookie books vampires. I say that because Eric was in my dream, not Eric like he is the TV show but more like I see him from the books with the longer hair. Anyway I think I mostly influence by watching the show last night and comparing it to the books. I just need to watch the show for the show. In my dream I remember looking at some of my artwork, I remember my two big pieces, "Angelic" and "Angel on my Shoulder" but I also remember another one partially. It was another self portrait I think but the colors were interesting like a golden red sunset effect. I wish I could remember it more fully, and I wish I would have focused on that right when I woke up, but I spent too much time focused on the vampires. Now I'm trying to recall that piece, I was so impressed with it in the dream I'd like to see if I could create it in real life. I just keep focusing on the colors and the high contrast but I can't quite remember how the whole thing looked overall. I think it may have been some work with foreshortening, a view of me from straight on while I was lying down on my stomach, my arms crossed under my chin and my legs up in the air crossed at the ankles. I think that may have been it though I'm not sure. I just keeping thinking of those strong colors and contrast the red and gold tones contrasted against black. I'm thinking the only way to get that strong color combination would be with paint. Though I'm not sure if the canvas I have is big enough. I'm not sure if that's the piece that I saw in my dream, well the pose I'm not sure of, the color I am. I'm going to think more on it though and maybe I have a start of a new piece, that was inspired by a dream. I love surreal work and how it's influenced by dreams, I just love more traditional representation more. So maybe I've finally found a way to bring the two together.


andy tetlow said...

hi jessica,
i had a strange dream not so long back. it was a storm just breaking over the ocean with the most magnificent colours...its definitely true that we dream in colour anyway. i so wanted to paint this dream but the colours were too amazing to capture.

Jessica McKelvin said...

It's more difficult to translate dream into reality than I originally thought. I also fear that I won't be able to recreate the same colors that I saw in my dream, and I'm also thinking that maybe I had the pose wrong. I attempted to recreate it before I left on vacation and I just wasn't getting the right view.