Monday, June 1, 2009

"Baby Girl"

I finally thought of a title, it's pretty straight forward. It's just the nickname my grandfather has for her. Since it's for him I figure it's a appropriate. I'm having some trouble with the hood and I've rethought the composition. I think I may make it smaller, a 5" x 7" I think that size would work out better in the end. I think he'd have an easier time finding a place to put an 8" x 10" frame than a 11" x 14" frame.

I think I'm over thinking everything too much. I'm over thinking my website, and I think I'm just causing more harm than good. I'm over thinking this drawing, and I'm not enjoying it anymore. I'm over thinking future concepts and I'm not taking the time to just enjoy the simple ideas that I have for future works. I have some great photos of my niece that I'd like to draw, I'd also like to try to draw my daughter with bubbles (I have a lot of great photos of her blowing bubbles). I also have photography that I need to sort through that I forgot about in the middle of all the stress. I think I need to stop concentrating on shows and galleries and the size of my portfolio and just focus on my art. I need to just go with what comes my way and maybe one idea will lead to another and it will snowball into a great series. If not I should at least end up with great work that doesn't really relate to each other. I don't have to have a series to have a good portfolio of work.


Michelle said...

Hi Jessica, This is so lovely! I often work on a few things at once so if I get burned out on it, I put it away for a few days (or months). Create what you love and the rest will come naturally!

Jessica McKelvin said...

Thank you : )

I may start doing that when I start painting again. Maybe do a painting and a drawing at the same time.
Right now I'm just trying to beat my deadline. I have less than two weeks to finish it though.
Of course I also have the fear that if I put something down I'll never come back to it.
Thanks for the advice : )