Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspiration block

I was set to work on a drawing from that reference photo I mentioned. I think the lack of detail has been my down fall. I just really couldn't get into the drawing so I'm going to have to move on from it. Of course now I wonder if that high school black and white photo will be a good reference photo. Also I have to call into question that photo of my grandmother, it's a scan of a damaged photo so the quality isn't great. I'm not sure I'm not ready to even try to draw the high school photo, and I'm not ready to attempt to do any art with Grandma right now. I haven't gotten everything worked out with that dream inspired painting. I'm just kind of stuck. I do have those virtual pose samples I could work from. I really want to paint but I'm having a hard time finding the perfect subject to start with. Maybe I should just do a simple self portrait, maybe from life. Or maybe I'll just take a new reference photo. I haven't drawn or painted from life in awhile, none of the poses or subjects have allowed me to do that lately. It might be nice to attempt it. I don't know maybe I should sketch a little in front of the mirror before I decide. I should also work on ironing out that dream concept. I think the pose has me on my back, resting with my arms behind my head, and my legs resting up against a wall. I don't think that would work out for me as a nude, so I'll have to consider wardrobe. I think that maybe if this turns out not following very much of the dream at all it will still work out. I'll play with the colors once I get a reference photo and see where I am going with it. I think I just need to work out some ideas, get some deeper concepts in the works and let everything fall into place. I want my next piece to be one of those with a deeper message rather than just a straight forward portrait.

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