Sunday, June 28, 2009

I haven't worked on my wrecked journal in awhile, so I've missed the past two updates. Though the one was mostly because I was on vacation and the last one, well Friday just came too soon. I should work in it a little before this Friday coming so I'll have something to post in the next update.
I also haven't started work on my drawing yet. I've just been tired as it's gotten later. I really do want to start it soon, not only to work on art but also because I got two new CD's to listen to while I work on it.
I think I got the pose wrong on that dream painting, but I'm going to try to take some reference photos for that soon. I also have some photos to sort through to see if anything stands out as a good reference photo. I'm not quite sure if that dream painting will be the first painting after I finish this drawing or something else. Not quite sure yet.
My next post should be the beginnings of a new drawing, and then I should have my wreckage post for this week on Friday.

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