Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art Updates

So I did some work on my painting tonight, I got frustrated rather quickly. It feels like I just can't get the fingers right, the shape or color. Also it just feels so disconnected from the face. Of course I put several layers on the face so maybe I just need a few more on the hands. It was that logic that got me to walk away from the painting, but I didn't want to not work on something.I started work on this drawing I've been thinking about doing for a few days now. It's too early to give myself any major critiques but I do love the start of this. I'm going to work on this while I wait for the painting to dry and whenever I get frustrated like I did tonight. This way I feel like I'm progressing on something without completely giving up on the painting.


andy tetlow said...

both are looking fantastic, my friend.

Jessica McKelvin said...

Thank you : )