Friday, October 2, 2009

Progress made toward a launch of a newsletter

I'm a bit closer to launching a newsletter. I figured out how to send html in an email. Apparently gmail doesn't recognize html tags, but I can still send an email through my current address with outlook and use that program to insert the html into the email. I really like the idea of using the html, so I can host it on my site as well and have a link to a copy of it in the email (for those with trouble viewing it). The article sample from Dreamweaver is not such a bad place to start either. Though I may just trash that idea and start over. I'm definitely not the best person with design. I still haven't come up with a really awesome logo, just look at my site: link. Maybe my newsletter should just stick with the same simplicity and maybe even the same color scheme and let the content speak for itself. I think I'll add my "logo" to the top of the newsletter, and then just focus on the content. At least now I have a way send it. Soon enough I'll be putting up a link on my site and on my blog so I can get subscriptions. If anyone wants to sign up now though: Click here to sign up to recieve my new newsletter
I think I'll be putting up a similar link to that on my website or blog let me know if anyone hates it. I still haven't figured out contact forms, so creating a newsletter sign up form is a bit beyond me as well.

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