Friday, December 4, 2009


I've had some issues with colored pencils. First I lost one then I tried to replace it only to be sent different pencils than what I ordered. After checking the Prismacolor website I'm almost sure that the pencil I've been looking for might have been discontinued. Still though would be nice if it wasn't listed on the site I ordered from. I have emailed Prismacolor though to find out and I'll be calling the company I ordered from tomorrow to find out why I was sent pencils I didn't order.

I did finally give in after just telling myself that the pencils probably aren't being made in more, and did some work on my drawing. I also gave in and used a bit of black. I also defined my fourth border. I was on the fence between 10" and 11" but with some advice from my husband I went with 10". The dimensions now are 10" x 8" which really works out rather well because I won't have to order a custom mat for the frame, I can go with a pre-cut mat and a ready made frame no problem. The ready made frames, I think work out all around. They are cheaper for me, and it's also a bit easier to think of a familiar size too. So if someone is thinking about their wall space they might already have an idea of how an 11" x 14" frame will look. I still plan to get my frames through, they have really great mats, and their frames seem to be of good quality and price.

Small correction, I forgot it will actually be an 8" x 10" when I'm done because I'm going to turn it over.

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