Monday, June 14, 2010

Dragging my feet

I'm really dragging my feet on this drawing. I just lost momentum. I really need to pick it up though I think I'm behind now on my goal for the year, and to think I was ahead only a few weeks ago. Of course I say all this when I should probably be picking up the drawing board and working for another hour. I know I didn't get much done in an hour. Though I'm starting to like some of the skin tone. I'm starting feel a bit better about this drawing overall though and I think I really need that. My last drawing kind of sucked away some of my confidence. Hopefully I can pick up the pace again and maybe get back ahead of my goals.

I'm starting to pick up more inspiration and keep track of it in my little sketch book/journal. Though I use the term sketch book loosely. The only drawings in it is an eye on the first page, and few more recent sketches of body lines next to one of the ideas I had written down. I'm hoping to work through some of the better ideas and maybe get to a point where I'm almost caught up with them. I'm going to be making some time during the day this week, to get some work done. That should be a good start at least. I also need to get back into working regularly at night.

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