Sunday, June 20, 2010

My take on Barvo's Work of Art

I've been reading a few reviews of the show today, and I decided to just throw my opinion out there. Though I agree the title of "Next Great Artist" might not be so realistic but really is "Next Top Model" or "Top Chef" really all that realistic. I've watched Top Model and mostly after the show I really haven't heard much about the winners afterward. Of course on other seasons they follow up and quick google search will show that they do indeed have careers, but still they are not the new household name in modeling. Same goes for Top Chef, they win they get their money, but mostly I'm sure the rest of the coverage becomes more local. The same will probably happen with the winning artist of Work of Art, when they win they'll get the money and the solo show but past that you might not hear much from them. Winning one of these shows doesn't guarantee that you are the next great anything. It does say that you did well in the conditions the competition provided.
So far though as a viewer and an artist I've been enjoying the show. I was a bit skeptical at first of how they would be able to create a competition with so many artists working in different media. I'm a bit impressed that they just seemed to pick one concept that all the artists could work with. I also like that they are forcing some of the artists to work outside their comfort zone. I haven't really been forced to work outside my chosen media since high school. Then also watching the show and seeing that some of the artists work in similar styles to mine, is really an uplift. I do see realism in Artist's Magazine but mostly in mainstream media I'm seeing abstract and performance art. Not to mention one of the top artists from my high school, the one whose style we were told to emulate for painting, is now doing abstract work. In high school I was very much discouraged from pursuing the painting style that I have and the style that I strive to achieve. Seeing artists with a similar style talking about their accomplishments really does make me feel better.
Anyway I don't think the show is all that bad, it's definitely having an interesting impact on the art world. It's got people talking, and for those of us who are having a hard time finding more info about the art world at large it is giving us a starting point.

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