Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small update

I've been lost in the world of procrastination and self doubt. I almost scrapped this whole drawing and moved on to something new. I think it's a great start and an interesting concept. Perhaps I should have done it in pencil or charcoal but I started in colored pencil so I'll keep going. I also ended up switching to a new computer, so I have to start over I lost several programs in the process. I'm working to get them back. Mostly I have no one to blame but myself I'm the one that didn't think to copy down serial numbers. I know I have a habit of misplacing the cases for the programs. I'm working on ways to get everything back and until then I'm using some free trials. I'm also trying to get used to Windows 7. A good bit has changed since XP, I don't much care for how the photos display in image viewer but I like the full screen display that I get with slide show. It worked out well today. To be fair, I don't think the image viewer has changed much I think it's just the clear bars are a bit distracting. I think I can adjust them and make them more solid if I need to.

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