Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little progress

It's really not a huge amount of progress but it's something. I'm a bit distracted tonight. I still may come back to this tonight more than likely I'll just set it aside until tomorrow. I am feeling better about the chine, and I think I smoothed out the nose some. The cheek still has that dark post that is refusing to blend. I did start adding in the hood and hair, I'm pretty happy with those. Actually now that I'm looking at the bottom of the chin might need to be lighter or maybe when I darken the cheek it will look right. For now it looks a little awkward. I think I'll leave it and see how it looks when the cheek is done. I can always come back to it.


Pat said...

Beautiful portrait work. I like working with graphite also.

Jessica McKelvin said...

Thank you : )

Theresa Rankin said...

Hello Jessica..thank you for signing up on my blog...I am have some beautiful work!