Thursday, August 20, 2009

A bit of a break

I've taken a small break from my painting. My palette dried out again and now I need to soak it and scrub it clean. It was advertised as "easy clean" well not so much. It didn't stain like my last one, I've scrubbed off some of it. I got a recommendation of clove oil from WetCanvas. Apparently a small amount of clove oil in with the palette seal will keep the paint from drying out a bit longer. The trick is just finding some. I've checked in a few stores but I'll have to wait till I go shopping this weekend to pick some up.
Also I haven't been painting but I have been doing something art related. I've been reading about Caravaggio. Since my Art History 102 class I've been interested in learning more about the Baroque period of art and some of the artists before, during and after that period. I was inspired by Caravaggio's use of light when I did "Angelic." I can relate to the lack of preparatory sketching. Also that being faithful to realism. I really strive for realism, though I don't think I've quite achieved that to a perfection. Of course I'm a perfectionist. I'm just now learning to accept the style that I have. I have two more books from the library that I hope to read in the next few weeks on Titian and Velazquez. I think when I go back I'll look for a book on symbolism I think that might be interesting as well.


andy tetlow said...

HI jess, hope you are well.
i love the work of titian, especially the light on black leather he portrays. its exquisite.
dont take too much of a break, i look forward to you work.
andy :)

Jessica McKelvin said...

I haven't really started reading the Titian book yet, though I do remember a little about his work from Art History II. I really enjoyed the Caravaggio book.
As for my break if I can get a small nap I might work later tonight. I was finally able to find clove oil today. It's supposed to keep the paint fresh longer.
Other than being really tired at the moment I'm fine.
I hope all is well with you : )
And thanks for stopping by.

andy tetlow said...

things are good, thanks, ive got a couple of exhibitions on the go.
im also getting down a lot of poems, which is great too.
hope you are well, my friend.