Saturday, August 15, 2009

A little progress

This whole painting is just nerve wracking to me now. I worry so much about everything that I add to it. Before I was completely happy with the right side of the face, now I'm happy with the left side and I think the right needs work, also I think I'm a little off on the placement of the lips. I need to work on the area around the right nostril but I'm really starting to like the shadows on the left side. I started trying to lay in a bit of the hair and I'm worried I might need an even smaller brush. Right now I'm working with two brushes, 1/8" flat and #4 round. I've mostly been using the 1/8" flat brush recently. Also I think the eyebrow is too dark but I want to come back in with some lighter colors when that layer dries. I've been working in thin layers that have been dry or just about dry. The heat in the room I store it in might also help that drying time. Tomorrow I'll try to work on the nose and the right side of the face more, and maybe get some more work done on the lips. I might be heading into the fingers or more of the hair in the next few days.

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