Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Angel on my Shoulder" no photos just been thinking

I've been posting my progress on WetCanvas, I've gotten a lot of feedback and one person just make a comment about hand on the glasses. He says it doesn't look like it's touching. It was a very light touch and I really didn't think it was that important. So now I started comparing the two photos, photo of the progress and reference photo. The hand's shadow is actually a good bit off, but without direct comparison it looks fine. I'm not sure if I should go back and try to fix that. Also the arm is more straight down in my drawing and it's more at an angle in the reference photo. That I think I may fix. The arm has been bothering me a lot but I couldn't quite pin point what it was. I think that angle is what is off to me. I'll work on fixing it tonight. From what I can see it won't change much of the shadowing just move over the edge lines. I think that arm being at the correct angle will be better for when I start work on the rest of the shirt.

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