Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Drawing

I'm in the planning stages of my new drawing. Right now I'm still trying to decide on size. I figured out the proportions using a compositional mock-up in Photoshop. I have a roll of paper that is 48" long. I'd really like to do a drawing that is that high or wide, but I don't think it will work for this. I'm also worried about getting something that size framed, and getting it into a show. The last show I participated in had a size limit. I'd like to work larger than 18" x 24" though to satisfy that little voice that's still following the demand of my high school teachers to work larger. When my drawings were just getting stapled to a wall it really didn't matter what size it was, but now I have to worry about over size shipping fees and show limititations. I think I'll still have the over size shipping fees but I think it will be slightly smaller than "Angelic" which will make it work. I'm thinking of doing it 24" x 22," I still could probably use a smaller drawing board, but I think I'll add a 2" border to the whole thing. I had a hard time matting "Angelic" with that small 1" border. So the paper will have to 28" x 26" I won't be cutting the paper exactly in half but I can still find something to do with that scrap paper. I'm probably going to cut the paper and tape it down tonight and maybe even start sketching. I should have something to post on it today or tomorrow.

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