Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Angel on my Shoulder"

I have this title in mind since I came up with the concept. I'll explain the concept and title when the piece is finished. So far I'm really happy with the progress. I think I need to to thicken the wrist and maybe lengthen the palm. The nose almost looks like I might have started a mustache under it right now because I initially made the nose too long. I was thinking the angle of the nose was wrong until I looked at this photo, I think it's actually right. Right now I'm going to use a flat black background, mostly because I'm focusing on the light of the figure and also I'm not sure what I would put in the background. The reference photo is no help, the background is just a messy room (I cleaned after I took the photo, doesn't make much sense I know). I may still do something in the background, not sure though. I've seen a lot of portrait with what seems to be just a plain wall with some sort of decorative element on it. I may try something like that.

Also I have to say I've had this general idea that for this piece that I had been struggling to find a composition for, and I got inspiration for this from Erin McCarley's "Pitter-Pat" though my concept really doesn't match up with her song just a few lines matched up with my thoughts and I came up with the idea for the pose.

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