Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Angel on my Shoulder": updates

I actually got more done than I was expecting to. Though I need to go back in and round out the one part of the chest a bit. I struggled with the folds in under the chest in the shirt but I think they actually turned out right. I'm happy with where the arm is going. Though the line that shows up makes the arm look too big, it's just an old line there is a lighter line next to it that has the arm thinner. I started filling in the background a little. I've decided that I'll at least lay in a base of black and then maybe come back over it and sketch in something lightly with white pencil.
Also I took the photo and cropped to the size of the paper this time to give a better idea the actual composition. Though I may crop in more on the left. I'm not sure I may leave it as is.

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